SINGAPORE: A Singaporean job seeker recently took to social media to share an observation she made during her job interviews with various employers.

In a post on the NUSWhispers Facebook page last Thursday (May 7), she pointed out that many Singaporean employers “are asking for work much above the pay grade despite having low salary… Businesses are paying too little and asking for so much.”

“Every boss wants to see us in office even on weekends, even though they are not around at least half or all the time. They want us to abandon good work life balance and our evenings or weekends; no OT pay.”

“Tell me, cruel Singaporean upper management, what can you offer over other bosses other than your $3000 a month, 6 day work week, no OT pay?” she asked.

However, amidst her frustrations with such companies, she also expressed hope. She noted that there are still companies out there that prioritize their employees’ well-being and work-life balance.

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According to her, in these companies, she wouldn’t have to ‘work like a dog’ or constantly switch jobs due to poor management. She added, “My CPF is covered; I can go reservist with peace of mind.”

Moreover, she appreciated their recent implementation of flexible work policies since this would allow her and other job seekers to have a fulfilling life outside of work and potentially start a family.

“You’re definitely not going to be an asset for any company unfortunate enough to employ you.”

In the comments section, netizens did not sympathize with the job seeker’s sentiments and shared contrasting views.

One netizen said, “This type of OP (original poster) is rampant because of a simple misunderstanding of business economics.

Put simply, if you are the boss of a company and you offer $3000 a month for a job and somebody takes up the job, then that is price setting for the job. The boss does not care about your expenses, your habits, etc.

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If there is a seller offering something to you for $20, and you pay him $20, do you ever pay more than what the seller is pricing the item? There’s your answer to all the pay and salary there is in the world.

Those people who want “living wages” are dumb in the first place and will be unemployed (it is so simple).”

Another commented, “You’re definitely not going to be an asset for any company unfortunate enough to employ you. Go take a hike to some third world impoverished countries then come back and be glad you have a job. 

I’m sure you really would like a job with full WFH so you can catch the afternoon movie, have a latte, and then call it a day.”

A third netizen chimed in, saying, “No need to work so hard lah. 3k a month should be part time job. Even million dollar salaries also part time jobs leh.”

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