Home News Singaporean angrily condemns Tan Tock Seng A&E staff for unwarranted aggressive behaviour

Singaporean angrily condemns Tan Tock Seng A&E staff for unwarranted aggressive behaviour




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A Singaporean has lashed out at Tan Tock Seng Hospital after a staff at the hospital’s emergency department allegedly behaved aggressively towards him.

Revealing that he encountered the staff late last month when he admitted a friend who suffered a fall to the emergency department, Facebook user Jai Ragavaan recalled:

“On the 26/11/2018 about 2300hrs I brought in someone to the A&E via a ambulance because my friend had a ball fall and he needed immediate medical attention. Only to know that I was being handled the worst person ever in my life!
“Upon registering myself as a caregiver at the observation department I went into the emergency unit to see the condition of my friend…I approached a lady to ask for some advise about my friends condition(Didnt know she was the doctor). The lady advised me to go over to the counter in the A&E department itself to seek advice from HCA RAY. 
“So being clueless over the condition of my friend I went towards the staff and *seek advise from the staff whether should I wait for the doctor or should I leave? I also added by saying I have his belongings with me as it all flew when he had a fall. All the staff could answer me “if you want to go, you may go”.
“So at this point I wanted to give a benefit of doubt and seek advise from him again for the same concerned as above. Again he replied “oh you freind which bed!? That one doctor already see you can go if u want to go” Trust me he was extremely rude and he still didn’t tell me where to deposit my friends belonging which was my main concerned.
“So I went to see if my friend was conscious and realised he wasn’t and I then I and to mention to the staff “Please have humanity because I have a friend who is admitted here via ambulance because of a bad fall and I am lost on what to do here and that is why I came to you for advice on his belongings as I definitely can’t bring it back with me”
“What the staff did after this was the most shocking part…”

Jai Ragavaan continued: “The staff came out of the counter because he was pissed just because I had to ask advice and perhaps raise my voice to say my concern and he came forward to BASH me up!!!!!”

Alleging that the staff challenged him to call the police while spewing profanities, the netizen recalled:

“He was not able to touch me at all that is because I took a step behind when he came out of the counter. Immediately I told him ” don’t maje any Decision that makes me to call the police… He again challenged me saying ” call the police I don’t care” He also quoted the word F**K about two times. 
“At this point the auxiliary officer cane forward to pull him back(HCA RAY) as he was very aggressive toward me. I immediately asked his name and he almost took out if name tag to bang it on the counter top. 
“It was very clear That everyone of his colleagues knew what he did was wrong and they drag him inside so that they can stop this unethical service /attitude of his.I told the auxiliary office I would like to lodge a police report. And all he mentioned was “You want make report go ahead but don’t make issue here! “
“Seriously I don’t think so anyone would like to be treated this way when they are already going through a trauma because of my friends condition.”
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Adding that he “left the hospital with a heavy heart” and that he “could not even sleep for the next two days peacefully as the incident kept striking me,” Jai Ragavaan revealed that he submitted a feedback form on the matter, besides calling TTSH’s management to lodge complaints.

Then yesterday, the Singaporean received this response from TTSH:

Despite being assured that the staff has been counselled, the indignant netizen has blasted TTSH for “covering the hospital”. He added:

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I would like to mention if an elderly were to be in my situation is this how our senior citizens are treated? Is this why MR LKY suffered and put so much of his hard work that Singaporean or the innocents are being treated this way!?”

Demanding a public apology from the staff and asking how TTSH could employ such a staff, Jai Ragavaan vowed to never visit TTSH ever again.

Read his post in full here:

I would like to take this platform to pen down something that happened recently to me Which should not be happening in…

Posted by Jai Ragavaan on Wednesday, 12 December 2018

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In a subsequent post, Jai Ragavaan added: “I practice what I preach! Coming from the Service industry for many years there is no exception towards any unprofessional approach towards your customer…Do it and you shall be dealt with it…”

“Remember organizations have improvised tremendously with full CCTV coverage with audio thus there is no way u hide if you do something you should not! But if you’re innocent then let it be. 

“Ample of training and counselling given prior to ground operations thus there is no excuse for one to behave in a manner whereby you loose your mind over your customers who raises voice at you just because you as a staff was unethical towards them. Thanks to all the service oriented souls who have texted me over the pass 24hrs…”

I practice what I preach! Coming from the Service industry for many years there is no exception towards any…

Posted by Jai Ragavaan on Wednesday, 12 December 2018

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