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SINGAPORE: The coveted title of the world’s strongest passport appears to have shifted hands when it comes to a monthly ranking of the world’s strongest passports by VisaGuide.World, with the Spanish passport claiming the top spot in the latest index. December’s assessment places Singapore in the second position, with Germany, Italy, and France following closely behind.

The Singapore passport clinched the top spot in the Henley Passport Index in July, based on official data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), toppling Japan from the Number 1 position it held for five consecutive years. While Singapore came in second in the latest rankings by VisaGuide.World, its closest rival, Japan, slipped to the 15th spot in the new rankings.

VisaGuide.World, a prominent platform for passport evaluations, regularly updates its rankings for 199 countries and regions worldwide. The criteria for evaluation include visa-free access, the number of countries accessible, and various additional benefits such as electronic travel authorization, visa on arrival, e-visa, and passport-free travel.

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According to the latest rankings, the Spanish passport secured its position as the strongest globally, boasting a comprehensive score of 90.36 points. Spanish passport holders enjoy visa-free entry to 43 countries and can enter an additional 106 countries without obtaining a visa.

The Singapore passport, while maintaining a strong standing in second place with a score of 90.29 points, provides its holders access to 156 destinations without requiring a visa. Additionally, Singaporeans can enter eight countries with a travel permit, 30 countries with a visa on arrival, and 12 countries with an electronic visa.

The Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark claimed the sixth to tenth positions, demonstrating the strength of European passports in global travel.

The significance of these rankings lies in the ease of international travel that individuals with the strongest passports enjoy. As geopolitical landscapes evolve and travel regulations shift, these evaluations provide valuable insights for global citizens seeking convenient and hassle-free access to various destinations around the world.