The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) is first off the block among opposition parties to announce that it intends to contest in the coming by-election in Bukit Batok single member constituency.
In a press release earlier today, SDP’s secretary-general, Dr Chee Soon Juan, confirmed that his Party will contest in the soon-to-be-called election for that constituency.
“We will continue to push for the alternative policies that we advocated during the last GE and we look forward to be the people’s voice in Parliament,” Dr Chee said.
Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) chief, Benjamin Pwee, has also he will run in the Bukit Batok by-election.
Meanwhile Mr Goh Meng Seng, secretary-general of the People’s Power Party (PPP), has said that his Party is undecided if it should contest in the by-election.
“We respect SDP’s decision first before we make any decision,” said Mr Goh, noting that Bukit Batok was next to Chua Chu Kang GRC, which PPP contested in 2015.

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