It might probably be one of their high-profile players to date as Singapore Premier League club Tanjong Pagar United announced the ‘signing’ of comedian Jarvis to their squad.

“Tanjong Pagar United is proud to announce that the club has made a signing that has made a huge impact on the team (morale),” posted the club on their Facebook page on 10 November.

But whether the comedian will put on his football boots and take to the field with the other players anytime soon, it will be up to head coach Noh Alam Shah to make that tough decision.

Photo: Tanjong Pagar United Football Club

“Please give a big round of applause for Jarvis! The popular comedian is now an honorary member of the Jaguars and his energetic presence has no doubt brought plenty of smiles in the dressing room,” added the Jaguars.

Jarvis is making waves with his nonsensical but entertaining jokes, which he posted mainly on TikTok. He is also known for getting his social media accounts banned and is currently on his sixth account,which he anticipates will be gone soon too, and has set-up a seventh account to prepare for that.

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While his signing with Tanjong Pagar might just be a publicity stunt, it certainly has created a much needed buzz to the local football scene. The post on the professional football club page has attracted lots of attention; over 240 likes and more than one hundred shares.

The comedian also reposted it on his Facebook page ‘Just Jaarvis’ which received encouraging and amusing comments.