As many as 31 percent of the Japanese people describe themselves as “convinced atheists” said the a survey by WIN-Gallup International Association released in April 2015. Christians make up only 1.5 percent of the 126 million-plus population, with the majority of others practicing Shintoism and Buddhism, CIA Factbook statistics shows.
But the founder of City Harvest Church (CHC), Reverend Kong Hee is trying to change that. Reflecting on a ministry trip he and his wife (and fellow CHC pastor), Sun Ho, made to Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Osaka and Kyoto earlier in April, Kong said that the people are “hungry” for Jesus Christ, and that he expects to spearhead a Christian revival in the country.

“We have a deep love for Japan and for our beautiful Japanese brothers and sisters-in-Christ. Their hearts are so hungry for the Lord Jesus and His Church. They are believing that God is opening up Heaven and pouring out His Holy Spirit afresh upon this generation,” Kong said in a Facebook message.
“Sun and I were so stirred and moved in our spirits. We can hear the sound of revival in our hearts, and sense that the harvest is definitely ripening,” he added.
Kong and five other CHC members are appealing the Court decision which found them guilty and sentenced to prison in 2015 for misusing $35 million in church donation.
Commenting on the news that Kong and his wife Sun Ho may be making more missionary trips to Japan, Singapore’s Ambassador at-large Bilahari Kausikan writing in his Facebook asked his Japanese friends not to be deceived by Kong.
Pointing out the Christian pastor’s conviction and his appeal, the Ambassador described him as a “disgraceful compatriot of mine”.