Republished from Chris Kuan’s Facebook.

My father is 89, my mum 84. My dad spends $300 a month on his medication and has been in and out of hospital every 6 months or so. My brother and I support them and I top up their Medisave whenever depleted. I can well afford it. My brother much less so.
But recently my dad took it upon himself not to burden my brother and me and asked for medical subsidy. He was told in no uncertain terms to sell his HDB flat and downgrade to 1 bedroom place.
If my brother and I had been unable to support our parents, our old folks at their age will have to move home and away from friends and neighbours of 40 years. Imagine what it will do to them!

Those who are not well off will find their CPF retirement funds and medisave depleted in a similar situation leaving them in the same situation as their parents. An old woman had taken her own life to unburden her children.
Do remember this government has taken away vast sums of monies through high real estate prices and excess returns on investing CPF monies. They call it fiscal sustainability. I call it a morally deplorable approach to governing.