SINGAPORE: A store owner was seen on video switching a sign with the prices of his merchandise after a tourist walked in, wanting to buy a shirt. From S$4, the new price of the shirt became S$10.

“Didn’t even try to hide his scam,” Content creator @cooksux recently shared a video of him shopping for a shirt at a souvenir shop in Singapore. In the first few seconds of the video, he entered a shop full of souvenirs ranging from miniature sights in Singapore to hats and other apparel. He also seemed to have a companion whose voice could be heard in the video.


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“Four for S$10?” the companion asked, to which the content creator replied, “I don’t know.” The TikTok user was then heard speaking to the shopkeeper. “Oh! Big–yeah, my size, my size.” His friend could be heard in the background teasing, “He’s a big, fat American.”

As the shopkeeper looked through a rack of different T-shirt designs, the tourist asked, “Four for S$10?” A bright yellow sign could also be seen, with the prices listed down. It read, “Sale: offer — 1 for S$4, 3 for S$10.”

Suddenly, the shopkeeper reached out to the sign and flipped it, the new side reading, “Sale: offer — 1 for S$10, 2 for S$15.”

“Sorry, sorry,” he said, laughing.

“What the–you just changed the price!” the tourist said in shock.

“He changed the price!” his friend echoed.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait. One for S$4? Wait, why’d you change that? Three for S$10 right here,” the video creator said, “Come on.”

“What do you mean?” he continued, laughing at what had happened. “No, wait, wait a minute, we just saw you do that! This is…come on, la! This is the original sign, (and) you switched it to this? Ohhh, come on…four for S$10, yah?”

At the end of the video, the content creator’s companion said, “He said this is four for S$10.” The two then made their way to a T-shirt rack by the entrance.

“Let’s do it,” the TikTok user said. He was even impressed by the T-shirt’s design, saying, “That’s sick, actually.”

He captioned his video, “How did he think that’s okay?”

In the post’s comments section, many online users shared their two cents on the matter. Some hypothesised that the shopkeeper merely made a mistake with the signage.

“He probably just used the wrong side of the signage for the T-shirts,” said one. “S$4 for a tee in Singapore is beyond rare.”

“One for S$4?” questioned another. “I couldn’t even get a loaf of bread for that.”

Still, another wrote, “Isn’t this common not only in Singapore? There’s a tourist price and a local price.”

The video has garnered over 138,000 views in less than a week.