Former actress Sharon Au says she hasn’t been sleeping well after burglars made their way into her Paris apartment late last month and they “took everything.” In her latest Instagram post on May 16, Ms Au, 47, wrote that she’s “been having nightmares.”

The burglary appears to have been particularly traumatic for the multi-awarded former MediaCorp actress, who’s been working as an investment director in a private equity firm in France since 2018. However, after the burglary, she has since resigned from her job.

On May 12, she posted a photo of herself holding her beloved cat, Rudon, in her arms.

“My apartment was broken into 11 days ago. 30 April 2022. They took everything I love. I have nothing now.”

Fortunately, Rudon, whom she described as “the love of my life, the one thing that money cannot buy” is all right, although she wrote that he is still “traumatised by the invasion.  Even the slightest sound startles him now,” she added.

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Ms Au managed to find a silver lining amid her difficulties, writing, “I thank God that he is safe, unhurt, and did not run away. He waited for me to come home.”

Nevertheless, she wrote that it took her “11 days to pen this note, without crying. Starting from zero. Again. This is life,” she added, heartbreakingly.

In the days that followed the burglary, Ms Au posted a series of photos.

In one, she had Rudon on her lap as she was typing on her laptop, which was unfortunately stolen. She captioned the photo by writing “I can’t write my next column for”

In another, she wrote that five days after the incident, her laptop’s FindMyMac feature had alerted her to its exact location. But when she told the Paris police, she was told that they were “too busy” and “had bigger crimes to solve.”

The alert showed that it was 64 kilometres outside of Paris.

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On Vesak Day, the former actress shared that her nightmares “seem to be telling me ‘Keep searching, and you will find your way out.’”

Friends and fans, many of whom are from the entertainment industry, showed Ms Au a lot of love and support.


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