SINGAPORE: In today’s world, where inflation and the cost of living crisis have made people more mindful of their everyday spending, a certain gentleman seemed to have put all this aside to help an elderly Indian lady by treating her to some food.

“It’s heartwarming to see this white shirt gentleman in Yishun Chong Pang goes extra mile, offer indian elderly to sit opposite him, buy her food, help to take cutlery and chilli sauce. He is smiling thru out the whole process,” Mr CK Yong wrote on the Singapore Incidents Facebook group on Sunday (Jan 14).

Photo: FB/Singapore Incidents

In the caption, Mr Yong told everyone of the gentleman’s good deeds, saying that not only did he buy her food, but he also asked the old woman to sit in front of him, help her with her cutlery, and give her chilli sauce.

Quick to snap a photo of this heartwarming sight, Mr Yong then took to social media to share this incident. In the photo, the gentleman wearing a white polo shirt was seated across from the old Indian lady wearing a floral top.

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“To this gentleman out there , hope you are here to see that the kindness you have shared and had received more then 2 thousands blessing. May God bless you and your family,” Mr Yong added.

The post has amassed 3.3k likes on Facebook so far.

Social media users applaud the gentleman

After reading the heartwarming post, social media users applauded the gentleman for his actions.

One netizen said, “Be it Chinese, Malay, Indian or other races, the soul inside is counted. For this case, he only sees a hungry person. May GOD bless u.”

While another one commented, “Kindness begets Kindness you will be blessed sir.”

Another netizen wrote, “You made my day with this article. May we have more people like him around – makes the world a better place.”

One Malaysian also shared her experience in the comments section, writing that a young man and his father once helped her when she fell off the bus.

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“I’m malaysian. I have met kind people in Singapore..a young man with his father helped me when I fell off the bus…I will remember their kindness forever..”

A foreigner who has visited Singapore many times also recalled how a Chinese girl assisted her in getting to the place she wanted to visit.

“I been to Singapore many times and I must say Singapore people are very nice and friendly. I remember last year I was lost while riding in a bus and a lovely chinese girl took time out and take me to the destination I wanted to go. I do love Singapore people they have beautiful soul bless them all.”