SINGAPORE: A man from Singapore recently shared on social media that he and his wife never argued in their 15 years of marriage.

In a post on the NUSWhispers Facebook page on Friday (May 10), the man explained that their relationship began during their school days and has since blossomed into a marriage with four children, all without a single fight. 

According to him, they handle disagreements with respect, humor, and lots of love, instead of getting into heated arguments. They prioritize logic over emotions and steer clear of silly fights about things like careers or spending time with friends.

“We simply have 0 time and energy to waste on such immature thoughts,” he wrote. “But of course we respect the boundaries, like don’t go fooling around with someone else etc.”

He also said that before they tied the knot, they prioritized their careers, often going for weeks without contact. Despite this, they always gave their best to each other, making their reunions feel like falling in love all over again.

“Sometimes, I send a text or voice note when I can, and I’ll receive a reply days later, and it goes on like that for a long while.”

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He also talked about their upbringing, revealing that they both grew up in chaotic homes. This experience, he said, made them value peace and a happy family more than anything else.

“We vow not to be what our families are. After marriage, we cut ties with family members. Enough is enough.  Now, my home with her is my sanctuary.”

However, he said that when others caught wind of their no-argument love story, they got puzzled and even a bit salty. Some said their relationship was not genuine, almost boring, and questioned if they really cared enough for each other.

A few even speculated that they must have cheated on each other before.

But the man dismissed these claims, emphasizing that a peaceful relationship is possible when both partners are determined to make it work.

 “You want change, then start with you,” he stated. “A happy relationship and marriage exist.”

“Marriage without argument do exist, and that is because both parties know what they want”

Netizens in the comments section agreed that fighting isn’t always necessary in a relationship, contrary to popular belief.  

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One netizen said, “You’d be surprised how salty people can be and it may not only be about this issue – anything! But that’s on them, not you.

Marriage without argument do exist, and that is because both parties know what they want – a peaceful home, an emotionally safe place to share and come home to and both work hard to reach that.”

Another commented: “Congratulations! you found your soulmate, which is rare but exist.

One of my friend also found his, they live in different country and see each other only a few months a year, but they just have to look at each other and know what each other want.”

Still, there were a few netizens who were a bit skeptical about the man’s relationship. One netizen stated, “It’s like unreal 4 kids with high flying careers for both in Singapore. Can make madu movie.”

Couples that never fight have compatible communication styles

In this day and age, yelling and constantly being at each other’s throats is interpreted as a sign of passion and love. Some even romanticize these fights, claiming that those who have not experienced them have never truly cared about one another.

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But here’s the thing: relationships can be healthy without all that drama.

Dr Joshua Klapow, a clinical psychologist, pointed out that couples who never fight have compatible communication styles, making it easier for them to resolve conflicts without turning everything into a shouting match.

According to Dr Klapow, it’s all about being honest and authentic in how you talk to each other. If you focus on sharing information and learning from each other instead of trying to ‘win’ arguments, you’re more likely to argue less.

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