SEVENTEEN has commemorated their 9th debut anniversary by supporting a notable cause.

The Korean Committee for UNESCO announced on May 28 that SEVENTEEN donated on their debut anniversary, the 26th, for the “Global Education Environment Fund.”

This fund will support educational initiatives, including expanding the #GoingTogether campaign and hosting the ‘UNESCO Forum on the Future of Education.’

SEVENTEEN expressed, “Taking part in such a meaningful cause on our debut anniversary, which is as special to us as our own birthdays, is both fulfilling and gratifying.”

Photo: Wikipedia/SEVENTEEN

Various philanthropic activities

Since their debut in 2015, SEVENTEEN has engaged in various philanthropic activities, particularly those focusing on children and youth.

Since 2022, they have been actively involved in UNESCO’s GoingTogether campaign, aiding educational reconstruction in Malawi, Africa, and building a learning centre in East Timor.

Additionally, they served as global speakers at the 13th UNESCO Youth Forum, which was held at the UNESCO headquarters in France last November.

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In other news, SEVENTEEN will perform next month at the Glastonbury Festival, which begins at Worthy Farm in Somerset, UK.

Self-producing group

SEVENTEEN, formed by Pledis Entertainment, is a thirteen-member South Korean boy band that debuted in 2015.

They have become a significant force in K-pop, known for being a “self-producing” group as the members participate in songwriting, music production, and choreographing their routines.

This involvement grants them substantial creative control over their music and performances.

To manage their large size, SEVENTEEN is divided into three sub-units: hip-hop, vocal, and performance, each specializing in a specific area. Despite these divisions, they come together to create cohesive music and performances.

SEVENTEEN is renowned for their energetic and synchronized choreography, earning them nicknames such as “Performance Kings” and “K-Pop Performance Powerhouse” due to their exceptional dance skills.