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SDP highlights PM Lee’s GE2015 promises as it prepares to launch its cost of living policy

The SDP promised that its proposals to lower the rising cost of living "will ease the financial burden on Singaporeans from all walks of life including the youth, housewives, parents, retirees, and businesses"

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The Singapore Democratic Party is organising a major policy launch, that will see the opposition party unveiling “concrete ways” on how it will lower the cost of living if they are elected into Parliament.

Announcing the event, which is set to be held at SDP’s office on Saturday (16 Mar), the party said in a statement: “The rising cost of living is a major concern for Singaporeans. Already one of the most expensive cities in the world, the PAP has recently piled on the misery for the people by raising, or proposing to raise, prices on a slew of goods and services.”

During the 2015 election, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had promised: “That’s why we work with you to solve your problems like cost of living, how we can make your lives better, not quite burden (sic), lighter.”

Pointing these remarks out, the SDP cited rising costs like water prices, carpark charges, ERP charges, town council charges, electricity tariffs, gas prices, bus fares, school fees, GST and other taxes as additional costs that were only announced after the last General Election.

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Touting this latest event as “the first of a series of policies that the Party will launch and/or update in the coming months as we endeavour to be a responsible and constructive opposition party,” the party said that the policy launches will culminate with the release of its manifesto.

The manifesto “will comprise a comprehensive and detailed proposal of alternative ideas in key sectors such as education, housing, population growth, healthcare, the economy, the Malay community, ministerial salaries, and town council planning,” according to the SDP.

Asserting that the “landmark manifesto” will be “the first if its kind in Singapore’s political history,” the party added:

“The aim of this exercise is to paint a scenario of an alternative vision for Singapore, one that is compassionate, inclusive and, most important, sustainable. Our intention is to give Singaporeans a reason to vote for the SDP, and not just against the PAP, at the next GE.”

The SDP’s Cost of Living Policy Launch will take place at 2pm on Saturday (16 Mar) at 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #02-30, Link@AMK. All are welcome.Follow us on Social Media

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