SINGAPORE: In an effort to accommodate festive celebrations, SBS Transit has announced an extension of service hours for its train services and selected bus routes during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

In a statement released on Tuesday (12 Dec), SBS Transit revealed that the North East and Downtown Lines’ train services will be extended by one hour and forty-five minutes on Christmas Eve, Dec 24, 2023. Moreover, on New Year’s Eve, Dec 31, 2023, the extension will be two hours and fifteen minutes long.

This means that commuters can anticipate the last departure times from Harborfront Station on the North East Line and Expo Station on the Downtown Line past midnight on these days.

The Sengkang Punggol LRT train will also align its operating hours with the last Northeast Line train’s arrival time on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

In addition to the train service extensions, SBS Transit will extend the operation of 24 bus services. These services include 60A, 63M, 114A, 181, 222, 225G, 228, 229, 232, 238, 240, 241, 243G, 261, 269, 291, 292, 293, 315, 325, 410W, 804, 812, and 974A.

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These buses will continue to run later at their respective bus interchanges and stops, offering increased convenience for commuters during the festive season.

With these extended service hours, SBS Transit aims to facilitate seamless travel for individuals celebrating Christmas and ushering in the New Year across Singapore. Commuters are advised to check the updated schedules for their specific routes to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience during the holiday season.