When the previous administration introduced the Rwanda Bill in 2022, the Labour Party immediately denounced the plan. The Labour leader, Keir Starmer, in particular, criticized it, saying that the plan was ‘unworkable’ and ‘extortionate’ for taxpayers.

Starmer claimed at the time that the bill would cost the taxpayers billions of pounds and that it was a reflection of a prime minister who lacked authority, Boris Johnson, and that Britain simply deserved better.

Now, over a year later, the Labour Party has developed a plausible plan that may serve as an alternative to the Rwanda plan, as reported first by The Times.

What is Labour’s alternative plan?

According to the article, Labour is currently working on a plan that would allow asylum seekers to have their claims dealt with in a different country. 

Under the scheme, asylum seekers would have to submit their claims overseas, and those who were approved would then be allowed to travel to the UK.

Shadow immigration minister Stephen Kinnock and shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper are said to have been largely involved in developing the alternative plan after consulting with asylum specialists, former home secretary Lord David Blunkett, and other European countries.

“I’ll look at any scheme that might work,” Keir told the media.

The Labour Party has also reportedly drawn up three tests for the scheme that would determine if it is cost-effective, credible enough to deter migrants, and would avoid the legal challenges that have delayed the Rwanda plan.

X users’ reaction to Labour’s plan

After The Times broke the news on X, the users’ weren’t so keen on the idea and expressed their doubt as to whether the government would actually scrap the Rwanda plan.

One X user said, “This coming from the Times? Think I’ll take this with a sizable shuffle of salt.”

While another one added, “They’ve said *multiple times* that they’re going to scrap the Rwanda plan.”

Another X user said that when it comes to immigration, the Tories and Labour are practically the same.

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