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There are a number of “woke” articles depicting that White people are “replaceable.” For obvious reasons, many are finding these kinds of stories to be offensive and hateful. We are currently living in the 21st century and mindsets like these should be abolished. Furthermore, conservatives are wondering why liberals show so much hostility towards White people? 

An old opinion piece from the New York Times states that America’s White conservatives are now a minority in the country and they’re “clinging” to whatever they can hold on to. Statements like these would most definitely be deemed as offensive and outrageous if it were to be said about another racial group.

This piece was done before the illegal migrant crisis America is suffering through thanks to the liberal ideology. Prior to that, a significant portion of the White conservatives are against having illegal migrants coming into the country. However, today, the same opinion is shared among Americans of all races. 

Liberal agenda is to “replace” White people? 

X users state the whole ironic flaw in the liberal ideology. Conservatives believe that the Democrats are bringing in these migrants to beef up their votes. However, most state that those coming in from the southern border would most likely vote Republican anyways due to their shared values. 

Other White Americans are sharing their plights as decent citizens who love their country. Being attacked for the colour of your skin is never ok, this is regardless of the racial background of the individual. The liberals made it seem that it is somewhat wrong for you to love your own country and heritage. 


Furthermore, X users accuse the liberals of wanting society to be unstable with everyone surviving on government welfare. Currently, we are seeing the failed liberal states packed to the brim with violent homeless people and illegal migrants from the southern border. Ironically, many are leaving the blue states for the more conservative states. 

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