Russia’s Supreme Court labeled the “international LGBTQ movement” as extremist, leading to a nationwide ban on associated activities, according to media reports. The decision to ban LGBTQ groups was received by sharp criticisms and rebukes by the international community. Despite these criticisms, Russian authorities stand firm in stifling LGBTQ representation. 

The closed-door ruling which lasted four hours is now classified according to Russia’s Justice Ministry. The ban is immediate, following previous steps by the Ministry initiating actions against the “international LGBT social movement.”

The UN criticized the move, warning of grave consequences, including criminal charges and imprisonment for such organisations’ members, employees, and supporters.

Human Rights Watch states that this entire issue is meant to use the LGBTQ movement as the scapegoat to the country’s problems. Whether this is true or not, we are not able to tell it entirely. For the most part, it appears to be a political move to oppose the West’s ideologies. 

X users react to Russia banning the LGBTQ movement 

X users claim that this is what the Republicans want for America. There are several harsh allegations directed to the Republican members. Furthermore, users are blaming the LGB movement for not being active enough in their community. There are fears that the same thing might take place in America.

Others are finding it ironic that far right Americans are supporting President Putin, to which the users wrongly claim that he is “communist.” X users state that Russia is not a communist country, but rather a right wing conservative nation. 

Regardless, it is unclear if Russia will ever lift this ban, or would this be a permanent fixture in the country. Many see this as reminiscent of the pre-1960s era where a lot of things were banned by the government as well. 

The stance on several social issues vary across the world. On one end, the western world, like America, appears to be more tolerable to the minorities, while the conservative nations like Russia, do not appear that way. However, on both ends of the spectrum, they would see each other as the one at fault. 

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