A peculiar trend is rising where some Gen-Z adults are facing the harsh reality of working life. Prior to this, they experienced life with the importance of art and solitude, but when someone starts a career, that life is practically over. However, a TikToker claims that she will cry if she has to do three non-creative tasks a day. 

However, a similar incident was reported by Yahoo News, a viral TikTok by new grad Brielle exposed Gen Z’s discontent with the 9-to-5 grind. Tearfully, she detailed how her schedule allowed for just eating, sleeping, and commuting. Her viral video drew both sympathy and debate, reflecting the struggle to balance life with work. 

Following that, Brielle highlighted the rigidity of the 40-hour week and its origins in the Industrial Revolution. She advocated for structural change, citing inequities and the lack of flexibility for those down the corporate ladder. The video echoed a growing desire for better work-life balance, impacting not just Gen Z but also resonating with older workers.

According to Business Insider, another Gen-Z questions if this 9-5 cycle is the only way, wishing for more flexible schedules and a life beyond work’s tight grip. Despite trying to grasp onto moments with friends and hobbies, this generation yearns for a life less consumed by work.

It appears that a larger portion of the new workforce wants a better work-life balance. This is a sharp contrast in comparison to those from the previous generations. There are mixed reactions from the previous generations regarding this matter as they say that working hard is what makes someone successful. 

Gen-Z TikToker will “cry” if she has to do non-creative tasks 

An X user states that the current generation does not know what true hardship means. The user claims to be raised by their grandparents from the depression era. Their grandparents used to constantly remind them how hard life was back in the olden days. Nowadays, for the most part, it is generally easier for the youths. 


Others state that a lot of successful artists worked a 9-5 job before being famous, and for someone to be recognised world wide, it would have to take a lot of effort. Furthermore, users state that this is practically one of the reasons why not many people are able to make it in the artistic industries.  

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