SINGAPORE: In a Reddit post by user NewbiePhotogSG, many Singaporeans shared what sort of habits they recently had to sacrifice to survive the costly economy.

Starting off the conversation, the post author shared that he “used to sit down at Starbucks to do work and people watch, but wah, with the pricing… McDonald’s also used to be my go-to for a quick meal, but their fish burger now is like 7 with a large drink… cannot sia…”

No more aircon – use fan

User JonWayne73 in the comments section also stated that he gave up using the air conditioner when sleeping.

Despite having much less cooling capacity, electric fans can still give you a refreshing breeze, and as this only uses a small fraction of the electricity required by an air conditioner, it can also help you save on your energy bills.

Take public transport

Additionally, some people have chosen to use public transportation rather than taxis.

User Superfly_76, in particular, said that taxis have become inconsistent and outrageously expensive these days.

No more buying drinks during lunchtime

While buying drinks, such as coffee and milk tea, has become some sort of haven for many working Singaporeans during lunchtime, some have opted to forego this habit to reduce their daily expenses.

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User throwawayaccount7545 said she’s now trying to forego buying iced coffee and learning to embrace her own water bottle.

Cancelling gym memberships

While working out for one’s physical health is important, others have opted to do this at their homes and cancelled their gym memberships to save more money.

User NinjaCutOnions stated that these kinds of memberships are now so “overpriced” and that she now realizes that working out at home through YouTube tutorials saved her so much money.

Cancel Netflix subscription

Others have also decided to ditch streaming platforms, such as Netflix. In the long run, cancelling subscription services you barely use can help you save a fortune.

Tiredpigeon0207 added that entertainment these days can still be “found for free.”

Compare prices on different shopping platforms

User tiredpigeon0207 also recommended checking the prices of items between different shopping platforms, so you know when prices are truly good to buy.

She also added another tip: “prices are not necessarily better during the big sales. -Same for private hire ( check prices between different platforms. You’d be surprised at how big a difference!)”

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User Icy-Cockroach4515 also added that if she saw something she liked in the shops, the first step she takes is to check the Carousell app first to see if she can get it cheaper.

Buy “house brand ice cream” instead of Haagen Dazs

Some have also started to look for cheaper and/or healthier alternative brands for their favourite snacks. In particular, user tiredpigeon0207 recommended buying house-brand ice cream” instead of Haagen Dazs.

Go to neighbourhood salons

Established and well-known brand salons often charge double or even triple the price of neighbourhood salons.

While the luxurious ambience may not be present, and the quality of the haircut may not be as good. Some have opted to go to neighbourhood salons to save more money. After all, a haircut is a haircut, right?

Opt for cashback apps

User tiredpigeon0207 also listed another recommendation for those who tend to pay online: to find a cashback app that gives perks that suit your needs and best fit your lifestyle.

The primary advantage of cashback schemes is their ability to reduce costs. You can successfully lower the cost of your purchases by receiving a portion of them back in cash.

Attend fewer weddings

While attending weddings can be a beautiful experience, some have realized that this has taken somewhat of a toll on their expenses.

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While guests are only there to witness the event, they’d also have to spend on gifts, showers, travel, and hotels. User tiredpigeon0207 shared that she now attends fewer weddings, especially if she’s not close to them.

Find side hustles 

Nowadays, rather than applying for a much higher-paying job or for a promotion, people have decided to find side hustles to supplement their income.

In Singapore, there are plenty of side hustles that an individual can apply to, especially online. One can engage in online teaching, sell photographs online, join an affiliate marketing program, work as a freelance blogger or writer, test websites and apps, or work in social media marketing.

Rationalize needs and wants

While spending less money is the goal, several Singaporeans still opt for a more expensive option if they know it’s worth it and can last way longer.

Practice gratitude

Amidst all this chaos, one user suggested that we should still learn to love and be grateful for what we have and what we can afford rather than dwelling on what we cannot afford.