International Business & Economy Resorts World Sentosa's S’porean staff dropped by 15 percent?

Resorts World Sentosa’s S’porean staff dropped by 15 percent?




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By: Leong Sze Hian

I refer to the article “No bias against Singaporeans in RWS retrenchment: MOM” (Today, Sep 5).

60% are S’poreans

It states that “About 60 per cent of RWS employees are Singaporeans, the integrated resort operator said”.

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It was 75% S’poreans in 2012?

In a parliamentary reply in November 2012 – it was said that “Based on reports by Today and Lianhe Zaobao on 10th Nov 2012 … RWS employs over 13,000 staff, and around 75% are Singaporeans. Singaporeans also take up 80% of total PME positions in RWS”.

Why S’poreans decreased by 15%?

So, why is it that the percentage of Singaporeans in RWS’s workforce has decreased by about 15 per cent, from 75 per cent in November 2012 to only about 60 per cent now?

What % of remaining staff affected by retrenchment are S’poreans?

As to “Of the retrenched employees, 16 per cent were Singaporeans” – perhaps an important statistic may be missing – what is the percentage of the remaining croupiers, supervisors and pit managers – after “About 150 croupiers, 200 supervisors and two dozen pit managers have been let go since” – are Singaporeans?

% of S’poreans before retrenchment?

What was the percentage before the retrenchment?

Compared to 80% PME S’poreans in 2012?

Are these PME positions – which was “80% of total PME positions in RWS” were Singaporeans in 2012?

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