SINGAPORE — A resident drew attention to the refuse at his Hougang HDB, obviously unhappy with the state of things. Mr Darren Lim wrote on the popular COMPLAINT SINGAPORE  Facebook page, “When we moved into 922 Hougang St 91, we didn’t know that our block is also a makeshift refuse centre.”

He also posted pictures and a video of a lorry taking the refuse items away. Mr Lim added, “The whole load of old furniture/appliances are always soaked when it rains & the area is always very dirty & unsightly. Been hearing this for the past few years & walking past daily when we go to the carpark. Haiz.”

The resident explained that the area he had highlighted in his video and pictures is where the bulky items in the cluster where he lives are brought together, so the refuse appears to come not only from his block.

Photo: Darren Lim

In the video, which is taken from several stories above the ground level, the truck does make a considerable amount of noise which could be very bothersome indeed to the residents living there.

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Photo: Darren Lim

Mr Lim told The Independent Singapore, “Apparently a neighbour from my block has complained before as well in the OneService app but it didn’t help too.”

Others said that this is a matter for the Town Council to address.

“TC clearing bulky item? Check with AMKTC or send pic to One Servics App,” wrote one netizen on the post.

Mr Lim replied, however that he has already provided feedback but so far, no action seems to have been carried out.

The netizen suggested that he could escalate the matter to higher-ups.

Darren Lim maybe copy to DD (Darryl David) your MP and PM Lee stating your concerns.”

Mr Lim provided The Independent Singapore with a screenshot of the email he wrote to his MP, and said he hopes that after the CNY holidays, he will hear back from Mr David.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to AMKTC for comment. /TISG

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