Remains of elderly woman, dog found in condo unit at 87 Amber Road - Singapore News

Singapore—The remains of a woman in her 80s, as well as those of her dog, were found in a condominium unit at The Shore Residences at 87 Amber Road near Katong Shopping Centre.

The (ST) reports that she had not been seen for more than a year.

Mail had piled up outside the unit of the woman believed to be Madam Lily Loh. A resident told ST that Mdm Loh lived alone at 87 Amber Road and no visitors came to see her, nor did she seem to have any family.

The resident added that they had stopped seeing Mdm Loh in January 2019 and that there had been a strange smell in the common hallway the following month, which disappeared sometime later, by the time the resident came back from a trip abroad.

The resident added that even though the management was told that Mdm Loh seemed to have vanished, no action seemed to be taken.

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However, when the MP for Mountbatten SMC, Mr Lim Biow Chuan, was told about the situation late last month, he called the police, who went to the unit earlier this month and then went inside on Nov 23, accompanied by the management of The Shore Residences.

“Upon police arrival, remains believed to be that of a human and a dog were found inside a residential unit at 87 Amber Road. Preliminary investigations do not suspect foul play,” ST reports the police as saying on Tuesday (Nov 24). However, investigations into the matter are still being held.

ST added that the management did not provide details as to why no action was taken earlier, but said, in answer to ST’s questions, “As we had some concerns regarding one of the residents living at The Shore earlier this week, we immediately alerted the police.” -/TISG

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