Singapore—Opposition leader and Worker’s Party chief Pritam Singh shared his opinion regarding the recently implemented and much-debated personal mobility device (PMD) ban.

Mr Pritam did not deny the painful experiences of both pedestrians and PMD riders.

However, he also acknowledged the value of PMD food delivery to the economy and noted how it is an “honest job” valued by many Singaporeans.

Thus, he deemed it necessary to “fine tune” current regulations and infrastructure for both PMDs and pedestrians.

“I believe PMDs will make a comeback in Singapore, provided the regulations are fine-tuned and the infrastructure catches up,” he shared in a Facebook post on Wednesday (Nov 13).

“The latter is easier said than done” he added.

The government implemented the PMD ban on footpaths early this month, November 5.

The announcement has since received polarized responses.

In October, netizens were however adamant on passing the ban following the fatal collision between a PMD rider and an elderly jogger.

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Many affected by the ban on PMDs are food delivery riders who rely on the devices to make a living. Rider groups voiced out their concerns through peaceful dialogues.

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The latest online petition gaining traction now calls for a reversal of the PMD ban.

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Mr Prtiam’s post follows a recent statement from Senior Minister of State for Transport Lam Pin Min who said that an opposition party member attended the rider’s dialogue to “politicise the issue and stoke the emotions” of participants. -/TISG