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Police let-off man who bullied boy till he bled with just a warning – mother laments




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A boy playing soccer with his friends at a void deck accidentally hit a toddler who was cycling past with the ball – and the toddler’s father punished the boy until he bled. The boy’s mother who found the son crying with blood all over his shirt and bruises on his legs, wrote to STOMP to express her dismay. It is unclear where or when the incident happened.

The boy’s mother said that when the man saw his daughter crying, he punished the boy by making him stand straight while the man kicked the ball the boy was playing with repeatedly at him. At the first few kicks, the ball hit the boy on the legs, but at the last kick, the ball bounced off the wall and hit the boy hard in the face causing his nose to bleed.

The mother said: “Despite the fact that my son apologised profusely to him and his daughter, he abused his rights to enforce such brutal punishment unto my child. Physical bruises are secondary. My son was so traumatised emotionally that his appetite and sleep were affected for days.”

“I find it extremely disturbing that this bully got away scot-free with just a warning from the police,” she added.

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