Please Clean Microwave After Use Sign Ignored: 7-Eleven Malaysia Staff Sparks Outrage After Cleaning Mop in Microwave

MALAYSIA —In an incident that has sparked widespread disgust, a please clean microwave after use sign at a Malaysian 7-Eleven store seems to have been egregiously flouted. Viral social media images show a staff member in the act of sticking a floor mop inside the microwave oven, prompting a wave of revulsion among netizens.

The shocking visuals, originating from a Twitter user on Jan 23, depict the staff holding the mop with the head on the floor. The user’s accompanying message, directed at @7elevenmalaysia, urges the convenience store chain to properly educate its staff about cleaning practices.

“Hello @7elevenmalaysia, please brief your staff on the cleaning in the right way. Even the floor mop goes in the microwave. Dirty oi!” wrote a Twitter user on Jan 23.

One of the photos showed the staff holding the mop with the mop head on the floor.

Photo: Twitter screengrab

He then lifts the mop and sticks it into the microwave.

Photo: Twitter screengrab
Photo: Twitter screengrab

The tweet has over 2.3 million views, with many tagging 7-Eleven Malaysia to quickly address the incident.

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Another Twitter revealed that cleaning standards needed to improve at the 7-Eleven outlet. “I want to be honest about something. I used to work at this place; there was a cleaner who had washed the floor, then he went to wash the toilet bowl and kept using the same mop.”

According to New Straits Times, the convenience store is located in Kampung Attap in Kuala Lumpur.

On Jan 24, 7-Eleven Malaysia released an official statement on the incident and apologized for the actions of one of its employees.

“This is a clear violation and does not reflect the high standards we strive to maintain in all of our stores,” it noted.

The following day, the company revealed that the employee responsible had been suspended and the microwave replaced with a brand new one.

Furthermore, the store is undergoing a thorough cleaning and sanitation process. “We are implementing stricter measures to ensure that all of our employees are following our hygiene protocols,” said 7-Eleven Malaysia.  /TISG

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