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PAP Minister promotes KF Seetoh’s latest Makansutra heritage food guide

Edwin Tong promoted the 2021 edition of Mr Seetoh's Makansutra heritage food guide that was recently launched calling the free e-book "brilliant"




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Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Edwin Tong, promoted renowned food guru KF Seetoh’s latest food guide, in a recent social media post.

Mr Seetoh is the founder of the long-running Makansutra food network which has produced heritage street food guides, international culinary tv shows and operated food markets over its 21-year history.

He has also been lauded by international publications like the New York Times and CNN and was recognised as Singapore’s Food Ambassador by former President SR Nathan.

Mr Seetoh has a reputation for speaking his mind, even though his views are contrary from that of the establishment. He has spoken up for hawkers and has urged the authorities to preserve Singapore’s hawker culture.

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He also spoke out against schemes like the Government’s social enterprise hawker centre network and corporations that he feels are trying to profiteer from Singapore’s hawkers.

Mr Seetoh has openly praised opposition politicians and civil society activists and has not shied away from calling out ruling party politicians on issues like minimum wage.

Despite his outspoken nature, Mr Seetoh is well regarded by Singaporeans of all political persuasions – including People’s Action Party (PAP) politician Edwin Tong.

On Wednesday (9 Dec), Mr Tong met up with Mr Seetoh for breakfast and recounted their meeting on social media. He said: “Had breakfast with Kf Seetoh this morning to talk food (hawker of course), heritage, culture and most things makan(sutra!). So engrossed that we forgot to take a photo!”

Using Mr Seetoh’s famous “Die Die Must Try” line, Mr Tong promoted the 2021 edition of Mr Seetoh’s Makansutra heritage food guide that was recently launched. Calling the free e-book “brilliant,” Mr Tong urged his followers: “Check it out, for some of the best traditional, heritage and hawker street food. Totally local of course!”

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