SINGAPORE: A number of Singapore’s opposition parties have stepped forward to extend their congratulations to newly minted Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, as he was sworn in as Singapore’s fourth premier yesterday (15 May). Pledging to work with the Government, the opposition parties provided their perspectives on the nation’s political landscape as Singapore enters a new chapter.

Workers’ Party (WP) chief Pritam Singh commended the outgoing Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, for his two decades of dedicated service to the nation, acknowledging his role in maintaining political stability and trust in government.

Mr Singh emphasized the pivotal role of diversity and transparency in governance, noting the evolving expectations of Singaporean voters amid dynamic domestic and international shifts.

He said in a statement: “Mr Wong is taking over the leadership of our nation during an era of greater political contestation, with voters expecting greater transparency, and a greater say in public policies. The road ahead for our nation remains challenging in view of an uncertain and more unpredictable external environment on the one hand, and significant generational shifts on the domestic front on the other.

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“To meet these challenges, a greater diversity of voices by way of elected opposition members in Parliament can be an important stabiliser for our politics, a source of strength, and expression of confidence in our people and our nation.”

In a social media post, Progress Singapore Party (PSP) secretary-general Hazel Poa reflected on the dawn of a new era in Singapore’s political journey. Ms Poa said she agrees with Mr Wong’s recent acknowledgment of the continued presence of opposition voices in Parliament, emphasizing the importance of constructive collaboration across political lines for the collective progress of the nation.

Red Dot United (RDU) chief Ravi Philemon also congratulated Mr Wong on assuming the mantle of leadership. He urged the new Prime Minister to embrace the challenges ahead with vigor and to lead with charisma and compassion, uniting Singaporeans towards a common destiny. He said in a statement:

“RDU hopes that Mr Wong will rise to his high calling, not rest on the past laurels of the PAP, and will stamp his mark in leading Singapore in our next lap.

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“This is critical because many Singaporeans believe that greater political contestation leads to better governance. Voters also expect accountability, transparency, and more say in public policies. There are uncertainties related to generational shifts. There is also an uncertain and more unpredictable external environment both regionally and internationally.”

He added: “RDU will be happy to play our part and work with the Government. Our end goal is the same: to be one united people regardless of race, language or religion.”

Singapore’s youngest political party, the Singapore United Party, said on Facebook: “Congratulations to Mr Lawrence Wong on the appointment as Singapore’s 4th Prime Minister. We look forward to working together for a prosperous and harmonious future.”