Singapore – A banner requesting visitors to refrain from using a multi-storey car park from 6 pm to 7 am has sparked debate online among HDB residents.

On Friday (Oct 30), Facebook page uploaded a photo of the banner, which had the logos of the Residents’ Committee and the Counselling and Care Centre.

The post had the caption: “Do you think this request by the Resident’s Committee town council is fair in asking the public NOT to park at those timings for the sake of their residents there? Where do we draw the line if every Town Council puts banners requesting HDB, URA and NParks to accommodate resident’s collective interest. Just saying.”

With more than 300 comments to date, members from the online community exchanged sentiments on the matter, with many noting that there were existing red or white parking slots at certain car parks that were strictly for season parking after 7 pm. Some felt that, if there was a shortage of parking slots, a banner requesting to limit visitors from using the car park was a questionable solution to the problem.

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Facebook user Hong Koon said: “The town council should do its job and engage HDB to increase these lots if there is a shortage problem. I have this feeling that the town council just ‘wasted’ money to the banner printer.”

Others suggested increasing the parking fee for non-season pass holders during the indicated hours to limit vehicle volume.

The car park in question is located near the Jalan Kayu Joint Temple in Sengkang West Avenue. Individuals more familiar with the location explained that the poster was a temporary occurrence. “This is a temporary signage they put up for a week during the festival at a temple nearby,” said Facebook user Aw Kok Wee.

“I am one of the nearby residents with season parking,” said Mr Chen Qianyi. He said  the temple holds an annual celebration ceremony which last about a week in October. The banner is put up during this week because of the overwhelming number of visitors. There are normally also auxiliary police to guide the visitors to the temple’s temporary car park.”

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Mr Chen noted that the banner is removed as soon as the ceremony ends. “We really appreciate the arrangement of RC and the temple.” /TISG

ByHana O