Singapore – Opposition Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Secretary-General Dr Chee Soon Juan took to social media to highlight the lapses of the Jurong-Clementi Town Council (JRTC) when it comes to the safety and security of Bukit Batok residents.

In a Facebook post on Thursday (Oct 29), Dr Chee urged for the JRTC to attend proactively to the matters that endanger the safety of Bukit Batok residents.

One example he highlighted was the steel cables affixed in front of the shops at the Block 155 market. The said cables were installed to hold the awnings of the shops and surrounding areas. A resident had shared that on Oct 20, a middle-aged man on a bicycle rammed into the steel wires after failing to spot them beforehand. The resident mentioned that only a red and white tape wrapped around the wires was used to inform the public their presence. Some were also missing the precautionary measure.

“The JRTC responded by wrapping the wires with tape, making them more conspicuous,” wrote Dr Chee. He noted that the tape would have to be frequently checked as they would loosen and fall off after some time.

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Meanwhile, members from the online community questioned the effectiveness of the tape as the material was not fully water-resistant. “Once it rains heavily, the thing will start to slip down, and the same issue will reoccur,” said Facebook user Reuel Ang.

Others wondered if there was a more feasible solution to the issue. “This isn’t the only available design of a sunscreen in the market,” added Mr Ang. “Why not use another one, one that is definitely safer and causes lesser safety lapses.”

“Needless to say, these repeated lapses in safety and security should not occur,” said Dr Chee in his post. “The JRTC should attend to them proactively, not only after I highlight them. Mishaps, as in the horrific fire which killed a resident, happen when the authorities don’t pay adequate attention.”

He noted that the town council should be alert to such breaches of safety measures. “If I am the MP, I would summon all the contractors working on the various projects in the estate, and they would be told in no uncertain terms that the residents’ safety must not be compromised,” said Dr Chee. He added that the service from the current town council was “unacceptable.”

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ByHana O