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Man who used 3 bus seats for himself, his feet, & bag while ignoring seniors angers netizens

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A man on a bus took up three seats, placing his bare feet on a seat and his bag on another, ignoring senior citizens standing next to him

SINGAPORE: A woman took to social media to complain about a man who took up way more space than he should have on the bus. To make matters worse, there were senior citizens who needed seats, but the woman claimed that the man did not pay them any attention.

Ms Nguyen Rio wrote on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on Saturday (Sept 2),  “When I got on the bus, I saw this man sitting on 1 seat, his bag on 1 seat, and his feet on 1 seat, in total he used 3 chairs. After 5 minutes a lot of old people got on the bus, but he still sat in the same position (3 chairs), he ignored the old people standing next to him.”

Ms Nguyen added a picture of a baldheaded man leaning back in a seat while placing his bare feet on the chair across from him. Beside him, he had placed a rather large red and grey backpack that appeared to occupy a full seat as well.

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A lot of people have commented on her post, and it has been shared as well.

Many netizens expressed dismay in comments on Ms Nguyen’s post.

“The bus driver should spot check once awhile,” one wrote.

“There are cctv cameras in the bus. Bus Company should display a photo of this inconsiderate man at the bus interchange notice board,” opined another.

A netizen chimed in, “Really dun understand why can some people take out their shoes and put on the chairs.. who will wanna sit on these stinky leg chairs after them?”

“Many of these people now,” another observed.

“He is not the first and definitely not the last, quite a number of people are doing this paid one fare but occupied two seats. Not limited to middle aged or old folks some younger people too,” a netizen pointed out.

A commenter wrote that the man “gets away with it because he knows he can. Unless the driver deals with him, many may be concerned about him using violence on them. In any case, it’s a real put off taking the seat if he takes his feet off the seat.”

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