SINGAPORE: The National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) has criticised Yahoo Singapore and NinjaVan’s series of job cut announcements, calling the timing of these layoffs on the eve of Labour Day insensitive to workers and their families.

On Tuesday (30 April), NinjaVan revealed that it has decided to lay off fewer than 10% of its technical team.

The company stated that this step is part of a series of cost control measures, including restructuring and outsourcing, aimed at ensuring continued growth.

The exact number of affected employees was not disclosed, but NinjaVan said the impact was limited to its technical team.

Meanwhile, Yahoo Singapore also announced the disbandment of its editorial and social media teams in Singapore, signalling an end to the production of original content locally.

According to The Edge Singapore, seventeen employees from Yahoo’s Singapore team will leave the company when their tenure ends on May 7.

Yahoo has encouraged these employees to apply for remote positions listed by the company, but it remains unclear how many will find alternative roles within Yahoo’s broader organization.

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NTUC released a statement expressing its concern over the timing of these layoffs.

While acknowledging that companies may need to restructure from time to time, NTUC emphasized that businesses should consider appropriate timing to avoid job cuts during significant events like Labour Day, a day dedicated to honouring workers’ contributions.

To support those affected by these job cuts, NTUC has committed to providing assistance through its affiliated unions—the Creative Media and Printing Union (CMPU) and the Supply Chain Employees Union (SCEU).

These unions will work with Yahoo and NinjaVan’s affected employees to offer career guidance, job search assistance, and other necessary support services.

NTUC stresses that companies must ensure a fair and transparent process if they make redundancies.

This includes open consultation with unions and employees in accordance with the principles of the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices.

The labour movement urged companies to engage with stakeholders and respect workers’ rights throughout the restructuring process.

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