SINGAPORE: NTUC FairPrice has offered refunds to two customers who found glass and plastic fragments in products they bought at different outlets.

Both women took to citizen journalism portal Stomp to share their experiences.

One customer, who called herself Wendy, said she discovered a large glass shard at the bottom of a bottle of chocolate spread while preparing breakfast for her children.

She revealed that she bought the spread at the supermarket at Rivervale Mall in Sengkang in August.

Wendy’s attempts to address the issue on September 17 were met with difficulty as there were no managerial or administrative staff present on that Sunday. A male employee recorded her contact information for further investigation.

Another customer, Mary, encountered a similarly alarming situation when she purchased sushi from the NEX supermarket in Serangoon on August 30. While enjoying her meal, she noticed a small plastic fragment in the sushi.

She promptly reported the issue to the supermarket’s customer service department, who assured her they would address the matter.

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In response to these incidents, a spokesperson for the labour movement-linked supermarket chain revealed that the company is aware of and has investigated both cases.

In the chocolate spread incident, the company has fully refunded the affected customer and is collaborating closely with the supplier to identify the root cause and prevent any future occurrences.

Regarding the sushi incident, the spokesperson indicated that the plastic packaging for the sushi might have been damaged during the production process, allowing plastic pieces to contaminate the food. The company expressed regret for the inconvenience caused to the customer and has issued a full refund.

NTUC FairPrice added that it has taken immediate steps to enhance safety measures. The company, in conjunction with its suppliers, has conducted a thorough review of production processes, implementing necessary improvements to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Customers who encounter any quality issues with products are encouraged to return or replace them at the branch of purchase, provided they have a valid receipt.