Singapore ― “Your letter has not alleged that they are untrue,” wrote Eugene Thuraisingam, a law firm representing the anonymous Instagram account involved in the ongoing Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) workplace harassment allegations.

An Instagram page @sgcickenrice began sharing allegations against NOC co-founder Sylvia Chan last week, with screenshots and audio clips of the 33-year-old Singaporean YouTuber hurling expletives on her employees.

Based on the posts, Ms Chan reportedly called one of their talents named Samantha “f**king dumb” and planned an “exit strategy” for her.

On Monday (Oct 11), NOC uploaded a statement on Instagram – consisting of four pages – explaining that the company believes the accusations were made to harm the company’s reputation.

NOC noted that the “cherry-picked” clips and screenshots posted online between “private individuals” will be investigated by authorities.

On Monday, @sgcickenrice shared a photo of the lawyer’s letter it received from NOC.

The following day, it uploaded a photo of Thuraisingam’s letter in response to NOC.

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The letter reads, “We have just been instructed to act for SGCICKENRICE and have been handed a copy of your letter to our client on 11 October 2021.”

“Your letter was sent to our client after 6 pm on 11 October 2021. You asked that our client take action by 10 am on 12 October 2021.”

“The allegations were first made on 30 September 2021. Your letter has not alleged that they are untrue.

Thuraisingam’s letter noted it was in discussions with its client and will respond substantively in due course.

“In the meantime, kindly clarify if the last sentence to paragraph 7 of your letter is a threat to institute criminal proceedings against our client.”

Thuraisingam was referring to the following statement made by NOC, “We also have our Client’s firm instructions to lodge complaint(s) to the relevant authorities on your conduct, if required.”

“Thank you all for your kind words and support. To update, I have instructed Eugene Thuraisingam LLP to act for me,” the page wrote in its caption.

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According to Mothership, the law firm is representing the Instagram account on a pro bono basis. /TISG

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“Aren’t allegations against Sylvia, and not NOC?” Netizens disappointed with NOC’s 4-page statement


ByHana O