Singapore — A boyfriend who is puzzled by what he’s learning  about his girlfriend of four months polled netizens for advice on on his relationship.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions Facebook page NUSWhispers, the guy writes that his girlfriend is his first.  “I loved her so much when we just started out, but as we got to know each other better, I’m starting to think otherwise,” he says. He explains that she often tests him by starting trivial arguments just to see if he will apologise first. “Most of the time I do apologise, but when I don’t, she uses it to guilt trip me, saying things like ‘sorry I’m a bad girlfriend’ and all”, he added.

He seems to want more time alone than she is prepared to allow him. He complains that she texts him repeatedly without giving him any space for himself. “My life now is literally work, and texting her until I have to sleep, I can’t get time for anything else”, he wrote, adding that he dare not ask her to stop.

After their weekly date on Friday, she always pushes to go on more dates. “Immediately after our dates, she tells me she misses me and wants to see me again”, he said, adding that she would often guilt-trip him when he told her he was not up to going out.

Asking netizens for their opinions and perspective, the boyfriend wrote: “Can I get a third persons (sic) perspective on this? Who is in the wrong? Am I just not a good boyfriend? She’s my first, and I really don’t want to break up with her after just 4 months of being together”.

Netizens who commented on his post were divided, with some adding the girlfriend was too much, but others saying that she was that way because it was the initial stages of the relationship and that things needed to settle.