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As debates flare, a production company’s alleged exclusion of White audiences ignites controversy, sparking discussions on freedom of access.

That has caused conservatives on X to express concern over what they perceive as an overreach of the woke agenda. Tensions escalate as the production company faces backlash for reportedly excluding White audiences from viewing their content.

Users on X platform question the legality of such discriminatory practices in the current year, sparking a heated debate over freedom of access and representation in 2024.

The Daily Mail states, that the upcoming staging of “Slave Play” in London’s West End has ignited controversy with its decision to host two exclusive nights for black audiences, described as “free from the white gaze.” 

Featuring Kit Harington of “Game of Thrones” fame, the play tackles themes of race, identity, and sexuality in contemporary America. While playwright Jeremy O Harris defends the initiative as a radical invitation for underrepresented communities, critics question the legality and fairness of barring white attendees. 

The move reignites discussions on inclusivity, representation, and the role of race in theater, echoing similar controversies in the industry.

“No Whites allowed” in all Black audience night 


Conservative X page, Libs of TikTok asks how is something like this even legal? The production house wants to “protect” their work from the “White gaze.” Furthermore, another user asks if White people in fact do have superpowers like a set of laser eyes, hence they’re not allowed to enter because of it. 

Following that, several users were making remarks that would most definitely trigger the average liberal. An X user states that there needs to be a production to protect the audiences from the “Black gaze.” There were other comments that were unkind as well. 


Others state that those who marched to end racial segregation would be extremely sad to see this sight. However, those who fought to keep racial segregation would be happy to see their legacy continuing on in 2024. 

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