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“No need to wayang” – Singaporeans criticise ex-military personnel touted to be potential PAP candidate

Netizens urge Poh to be straightforward about whether she will be contesting in the GE.




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Several netizens have opined that there is “no need for drama” after ex-military personnel Poh Li San said on Sunday (24 Mar) that she is willing to enter politics.

Speculation arose earlier this month that Poh — a former Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) scholar and ex-helicopter pilot who now serves as Changi Airport Group’s Vice President — could be fielded as a ruling party candidate in the next general election.

A few weeks ago, the Chinese daily highlighted Poh’s experience as a grassroots leader and the fact that she recently became the vice-chairman of the PAP Sembawang branch as it speculated that she could be one of the fresh candidates to contest the next election under the PAP ticket.

When the publication had asked her whether she would contest in the next general election, which could be held as early as this year, Poh replied: “(If) given a chance to serve as MP, I will give my best!

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On Sun (24 Mar), Poh provided more fodder for speculation as she told the press that she would be happy to serve in politics if she were given the opportunity and “honour” to do so. The 44-year-old told The Straits Times:

“If there is an opportunity for me to serve residents at a deeper level, I will be most honoured to do so, and I will do my best as well. At this moment, it is still uncertain and is really up to anybody’s guess.”

“Right now, I am focused on making sure that I do my job well, run my events well in Sembawang and contribute to the community.”

Netizens responding to Poh’s remarks urged her to come out with it instead of being coy about whether she will be contesting in the election under the PAP ticket:

Some netizens also took issue with The Straits Times’ Facebook caption linking to their interview with MPoh. The caption said that Poh’s “career so far” includes her role as a grassroots leader, causing netizens to ask whether grassroots volunteer work can be considered a job:



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