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Amidst a contemporary “Great Migration,” Americans are increasingly departing woke cities for Republican strongholds, signaling a notable societal shift. The surge in illegal immigration coupled with perceived law enforcement inadequacies is compelling many to seek refuge elsewhere.

Even states like California are prepared for this as they are slowly introducing the “exit tax.” Some taxpayers would have to pay 10-years worth of state tax if they choose to leave the state of California. 

Newsweek stated in December that data from the U.S. Census Bureau unveils significant population shifts in 2023, with Democrat strongholds like New York and California experiencing notable losses. According to Vintage 2023 population estimates, New York led with 101,984 residents leaving, trailed by California with 75,423 departures. 

Following that, other Democrat-led states, including Illinois, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania, also saw declines. Collectively, these states witnessed a population loss of 249,161, down from 509,789 the previous year. 

Meanwhile, Republican-governed states like Texas and Florida recorded substantial gains, marking a broader trend of migration patterns reshaping the demographic landscape across the nation.

Conservatives not surprised the “Great Migration” is happening to Democrat cities 

Furthermore, a pictograph states that there is a population decline in most Democrat cities. Conservatives state that Americans are voting with their feet, by leaving states they no longer agree with. However, X users insist that these people should forgo their political ideologies once they step foot in a Republican state. 

Moreover, conservatives are claiming that this is one of the reasons why the Democrats are inclining to invite illegal immigrants to America. This is to ensure their placements in the House. Apparently, some claim that the census is counting these illegals, to which X users are against. 

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