A netizen facing a dilemma as to which company they should join took to social media, asking others for advice. Both companies they shared had mostly cons, and the decision was mainly weighed between the two.

In a Facebook post to anonymous confessions page SGWhispers, the netizen asked: “Company A or Company B?”

Company A

The netizen explained on Wednesday (Jun 15) that they were working in Company A as an executive, with a salary of $3200. However, they added that the company culture was such that there were a lot of unspoken rules. While the company’s official working hours were from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm, should an employee attempt to leave at 5.30 pm “you’ll be deemed and blacklisted as “lazy”. Only by working OT, you’re a good employee to the bosses. Hence, I now don’t dare to leave at 5:30pm”.

The netizen added that they would often stay till 6 pm even though they had finished their work for the day. Adding that they had newly joined the company and were only there for three months, “I feel guilty for leaving on time even though it’s not wrong entirely. I always believe in work-life balance. But here don’t encourage it and bosses will get angry if you have something on & need to leave, even after your stipulated working hours”.

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Company B

The netizen was then invited over to Company B, to work as a Senior Executive, with a slightly higher pay of $3,800. The netizen also wrote that they had four years of relevant experience in the job. “The boss is pretty nice I’d say, just that the environment is a bit toxic with politics, but not too bad I guess”, they wrote.

After the prospective offer from Company B, the netizen added that they found it much more attractive and felt bad to resign during his probation period at Company A.

Asking others for advice, the netizen wrote: “I’m actually afraid the boss in Company A will be angry as people always say it’s not too nice to leave until you stayed for 1 year++ etc, but the opportunity is hard to come by too”.

Here’s what the others said: