Lifestyle Entertainment Netflix 'skip sex button' anyone?

Netflix ‘skip sex button’ anyone?

Netflix revealed plans to introduce a 'skip sex' button for Malaysian adults who cannot wait for government censorship of the content they are paying for




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A call by Malaysia’s National Film Development Corporation (Finas) CEO Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri to regulate Netflix and censor sex scenes has become an idea for a ‘skip sex’ button.

At first, the Finas CEO said parents are worried because their children watch uncensored movies and TV shows on Netflix.

Later he explained that he was taking cognisance of concerns by parents in the cyber era about uncensored content.

“What I proposed was for some form of collaboration between Finas and the National Council of Women’s Organisations to hold a forum or seminar to debate this issue in the context of strengthening digital content in the future,” he said on Twitter.

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In March this year, Kuala Kangsar MP Mastura Mohd Yazid raised a concern about sex scenes and LGBT representation on Netflix.

“This is about films on Netflix. Are there different mechanisms between those normally used to censor films and those on Netflix?

“Because I am seeing widespread sex scenes and LGBT elements which are causing worry among the people,” she told the Malaysian Parliament.

But social media users in Malaysia are running wild about a ‘skip sex button’ Netflix is supposedly introducing soon for Malaysian subscribers.
An article on ‘skip Sex’ button Tapir Times (a satirical website) went viral. It says Netflix revealed plans to introduce a ‘skip sex’ button for Malaysian adults who cannot wait for government censorship of the content they are paying for.
The ‘Skip Sex’ button is supposed to work just like the ‘Skip Intro’ button and is supposed to appear on the lower-left corner of the screen.
In October, Netflix which has 158 million paid subscribers in 190 countries announced the launch of a mobile plan for Malaysia with a monthly fee starting from RM17.

“Skip Politics’ Button

Netflix has a new ‘Skip Politics’ button though. It appears on Seth Meyers’ new stand-up hour which gives viewers the option to fast forward through his jokes about the US President, Donald Trump.

It sounded like a joke when Mr Meyers talked about the skip button, but then the button appeared when he started to talk about Trump.

Click on it and it fast-forwards the show by around eight minutes to a point where he’s back to talking about other stuff. -/TISG

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