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“Neighbour from hell” using discarded dresser to block corridor

He is unhappy that ants drawn by other party's flower pots are crawling into his flat




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Singapore — On Thursday (Nov 12), Facebook user Lee Dangerous Huat (LDH) took to the Complaint Singapore page to share a “neighbour from hell” experience.

“I wonder how much longer I can endure,” said LDH. A police report has been lodged but there seems to be no end to the inconvenience caused by his neighbour.

According to The New Paper on Wednesday (Nov 11), a 55-year-old man named Mr Lee Jia Chuan (LJC) had taken a discarded dresser up to the eighth floor of the Bukit Panjang HDB block where the two men lived. It was to hinder access along the corridor. It was done in response to an ant problem which began with some flower pots belonging to LDH.

Photo: FB screengrab / Complaint Singapore

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LDH had begun placing flower pots in the corridor a few years ago and had added tomatoes and eggshells which allegedly resulted in ants making their way into LJC’s flat.

“The ants crawl into my home,” LJC told Shin Min Daily News. “Although they don’t bite, it is an irritating sight. I complained to the town council and told him to remove the flower pots, but he removed only the tomatoes and eggshells.”

The police had been alerted late last month and had advised both individuals on how to handle the matter.

In addition to the dresser blocking the corridor, LDH also has a video of his neighbour discarding cardboard boxes beside the dresser and walking away.

According to LDH’s post, a date for mediation has been set yet the neighbour is still engaging in “ridiculous acts” such as late-night basketball sessions on the wall. “The police, SCDF, town council and MP all can’t seem to help,” he said. He added that there were never any tomatoes in his flower pots.

The quarrel has led to some members of the online community to share photos of their own corridors being blocked by their neighbours, some with belongings located right by the staircase. They said that they were still waiting for their problems to be resolved by their town councils.

In the case of LDH, the wooden dresser and cardboard boxes could be considered a fire hazard. Members of the online community have urged him to report the matter to the  SCDF. Others suggested removing the plants and the items blocking the corridor to  resolve the issue. /TISG

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