SINGAPORE: Lee Hsien Yang has expressed joy and pride that his son, Li Shengwu, has received tenure at Harvard University.

Prof Li announced that he was granted tenure earlier this week.

Noting that this “major academic milestone” means his son will be a full professor of economics, Mr Lee wrote on Facebook this evening: “Tenure at Harvard is very difficult to get, particularly promotion from within. For scholars, tenure is the “ultimate prize.””

He added: “The achievement would have given my late father-in-law much joy if he were alive today.”

Congratulations have poured in from Singaporeans online, with many lauding Prof Li for bringing honour to Singapore with his latest achievement.

However, some noted that Mr Lee did not mention that his father – Singapore founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew – would have been proud.

Meanwhile, Singapore’s Government-linked newspapers have neglected to cover Prof Li’s latest achievement.

Neither has Prof Li’s famous uncle, current Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, publicly acknowledged his nephew’s accomplishments – despite the fact that PM Lee was also a lauded young mathematician before he entered politics.

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The ongoing Lee family feud is most likely the cause of the PM’s seeming indifference towards his nephew. While Prof Li has won praise for his academic work overseas, he was convicted of contempt of court for a private friends-only Facebook post in Singapore.

Meanwhile, his parents have left Singapore amid a police probe into the possibility that they lied about Lee Kuan Yew’s will. On his part, Mr Lee Hsien Yang has dubbed the action continued “persecution” by the Singapore authorities. He has also registered an interest in perhaps running for President later this year.

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