This time it’s Elon Musk vs. Wikipedia but it is happening because the billionaire hates Wikipedia. At least, this is the reason given by a writer in The Guardian.

“Wincing and scorn aside, Musk is after Wikipedia for a reason. The sight of something created socially that works is an insult to him. I would spend two quid a month, or more, just for that,” writes Zoe Williams, a Guardian columnist.

Last week, the outspoken owner of Twitter and SpaceX, launched a public tirade against the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, accusing the site and its operator, the Wikimedia Foundation, of alleged bias and their persistent donation drives.

“Why does the Wikimedia Foundation need so much money? It certainly isn’t necessary for Wikipedia’s operation. You can fit the entire text on your phone!” He, however, omitted the fact that it cost $2.7 million to host Wikipedia’s websites just last year.

Billion dollars for name change

Musk went on to mock Wikipedia with a bizarre donation offer. “I’ll give them a billion dollars if they change their name to Dickipedia,” he playfully proposed in another tweet, adding, “One-year minimum for the name change. I mean, I’m not a fool lol.”

Musk’s statements suggest a personal issue with Jimmy Wales, co-founder of Wikipedia after a report from a company advised by Wales claimed that a significant portion of misinformation about the Israel-Hamas conflict on Twitter comes from verified accounts.

Musk hates Wikipedia?

“So, the sight of Elon Musk charging towards Wikipedia with his trademark guile and delicacy was so predictable that it was almost relaxing. He saw a collective resource that people prized and he wanted to hurt it. Why does Wales even need any money to run Wikipedia in the first place, he wondered on Sunday. You could fit the entire thing on your phone, he claimed. Eleven minutes later, he offered $1bn if it would change its name to Dickipedia,” wrote Zeo.

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