Singapore – A member of the public called out an ‘uncle’ for sitting too close to a woman while on the MRT and encouraged others not to be afraid to speak up.

On Tuesday (Nov 17), Facebook user Chris Chin Yok Cheong shared a post by one Sabrina Low to Complaint Singapore’s page. Ms Low was commending her brother, Dwayne Low, “for speaking up and standing up for righteousness.”

Mr Low witnessed an ‘uncle’ seated too close to a female passenger on the MRT. A photo accompanying the post shows an uncle in a pink shirt leaning towards a woman seated beside him. His arm appears to be touching the woman’s as she leaned away. The man’s hand was also resting on the woman’s seat area with his little finger positioned near her thigh.

Photo: FB screengrab/Sabrina Low

Mr Low uploaded the incident in an Instagram story which his sister took a screenshot of and uploaded it on Facebook. The post has been shared over 43,000 times to date.

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In his caption, Mr Low explained that the woman was “obviously uncomfortable” with what was going on. As the man appeared to be sleeping, Mr Low gave him the benefit of the doubt. When he woke up and inched closer to the woman, Mr Low then spoke up.

He also encouraged women not to be afraid to speak up because such “disgusting behaviour” shouldn’t be tolerated.

Here’s the full text on his post:
So I was in the train when I witness an uncle trying to be funny. So he was asleep and his hands and shoulders were so close to a lady, and the lady was obviously uncomfortable and didn’t dare to speak up.

I gave the benefit of doubt for a good 5 mins since he was “sleeping.” But he woke up, and went even closer to the girl and that was when I couldn’t take it no more.

I stood up and tap this fella on the leg and ask him to move his hands and body away from her. Well, he didn’t even seem apologetic and just went back to sleep but his hands went away and he stopped the physical contact.

Girls, do not be afraid to speak up because there shouldn’t be tolerance for such disgusting behaviour. And I encourage peeps to step up if they witness such things happening to strangers. A good deed will go a long way!

Photo: FB screengrab/Sabrina Low

Members from the online community commended Mr Low for stepping forward. “Good job Dwayne, never be afraid to stand up against harassment, should have shown the pervert’s face and blur the lady’s face to better deter him,” said Facebook user Jun Jie.

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“We, as women, should learn to stand up for ourselves. Should not be afraid to deal with these perverts!” added Facebook user Katherine Liam.

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ByHana O