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Motorists in the wrong but man gets flak for shouting at them

First driver, a young woman, apologises but other driver, an older man, does not look up or say anything




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Singapore – A video is circulating online of a man filming and scolding at least two drivers for parking on separate occasions in a lot for the disabled but, while the drivers were in the wrong, it is the man who has received flak from netizens for his attitude.

On Saturday (May 23), the All Singapore Stuff Facebook page had a video of the man confronting the motorists.

In the first instance, the man is seen shouting at a young woman for leaving her vehicle in a lot for the disabled. “You can park here, is it?, You can park here is it?,” the man is heard saying aggressively. He then points out that the lot was for disabled individuals.

The woman replied that she had just brought food for someone and that she had parked for only five minutes only. The man asked: “Don’t say five minutes, then, five minutes, everyone five minutes, then? … You cannot say like that, what.” The  woman then said sorry but the man replied: “Don’t say sorry. You told the police.”

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In the second incident, the man is seen approaching a driver and addressing him in Hokkien. The driver, who is watching something on a tablet, does not look up or say anything. The man taunts him, at times using expletives. At one point, he asks the driver in Hokkien: “This is your father’s road over here?”

While a couple of people were overwhelmed by the man’s passion in ensuring that motorists park in the correct lots, others frowned on his aggressive behaviour.

Photo: FB screengrab / All Singapore Stuff

A couple of netizens joked that the man had what it took to become the “Head of Parking Attendants”.

Photo: FB screengrab / All Singapore Stuff

A person commenting on the post felt that the man merely wanted to pick a fight with others, while another urged the police to look into the matter before the man meets  someone who responds differently compared to the ones in the video.

Photo: FB screengrab / All Singapore Stuff

Photo: FB screengrab / All Singapore Stuff

Although the drivers could have inconvenienced others, netizens agreed that the man did not need to shout to get his point across.

Photo: FB screengrab / All Singapore Stuff

Among those who criticised the man’s behaviour was Mr Simon Soh, who said that too many people were behaving like him.

Photo: FB screengrab / All Singapore Stuff

Man confronts drivers for parking wrongly

<Reader's Contribution by Chen>Eh relac lah bro. Two separate incidents this man sound like he wanna pick a fight

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Friday, May 22, 2020

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