Rep. Waters warns of Trump’s “dangerous Rhetoric” claiming a potential Civil War

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) has urged the Department of Justice to investigate “right-wing organizations” backing former President Donald Trump, allegedly preparing for a civil war. Speaking on MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show,” Waters expressed deep concern over Trump’s refusal to accept the election outcome, warning of potential violence. 

She emphasized Trump’s dangerous rhetoric, accusing him of dictatorial aspirations and called for proactive measures to safeguard the nation. 

Waters demanded clarity from the Justice Department and the president on strategies to counter potential violence, particularly from right-wing groups allegedly training for conflict. She underscored Trump’s racially divisive language, expressing fear of targeted attacks against people of color.

Rep. Waters warning of Trump’s “dangerous rhetoric” 


However, conservatives on X claim that it is their right to prepare for a “civil war” against “tyranny.” It appears that the conservatives in America are unsatisfied with the current Democrat government. They add that it is a right for an American to bear weapons in order to protect themselves. 

In addition to this, X users claim that the Democrats would surely have a similar plan if Trump wins the presidency. Furthermore, other conservatives feel that this is a ridiculous claim. Several users speculate that there could potentially be some arrests made prior to the election happening, but this is a mere speculation. 

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