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Morning Digest, Aug 5

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Netizens: Singapore’s lowest paid Minister still earns more than most citizens, with additional $16K allowance per month despite CPIB probe


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SINGAPORE: The revelations that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made in Parliament yesterday (2 Aug) about Transport Minister S Iswaran’s current pay package has led a number of Singaporeans to note that he is still earning more than most Singaporeans, despite the fact that he has been barred from his ministerial duties amid an ongoing corruption probe.

PM Lee said that Mr Iswaran’s pay had been reduced to $8,500, and his ministerial duties have been interdicted amid his arrest and subsequent release on bail. He later said that Mr Iswaran still draws an MP’s allowance because this differs from a minister’s pay and does not come under the Prime Minister’s discretion.

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Jamus Lim: Expand CPIB reporting line to other branches of government, not just PM and President


Photo: Youtube screengrab / MCI Singapore

SINGAPORE: Workers’ Party MP Jamus Lim (Sengkang GRC) used his home’s digital lock to illustrate the need for checks and balances in political institutions, specifically the reporting line of the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB).

Over an Aug 4 social media post, Assoc Prof Lim wrote that there are at least three ways to open the newly-installed digital lock in his home—a thumbprint, a keypad and a keycard— which ensure that a person doesn’t get locked out of his home.

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“Prada shirt, Chanel bag, Chanel shoes but her behaviour so low class” — Netizen calls woman out for allegedly squeezing pre-packed cherries in supermarket


Image: FB screengrab / Complaint Singapore /

SINGAPORE: After an online user shared a photo of a woman who was allegedly seen checking the quality of cherries in a pre-packed container by squeezing them one by one, Singaporeans quickly joined the netizen in calling out the customer’s behaviour.

“Please don’t be like this auntie at Cold Storage,” an anonymous participant shared with the Complaint Singapore Facebook group on Friday (July 28). The post included a photo featuring a woman who had her back to the camera as she held an open container of cherries. “She opened the pre-packaged cherry boxes and started squeezing them one by one,” the post claimed. “Wearing atas Prada shirt, carrying Chanel bag and Chanel shoes but her behaviour is so low class.”

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Is $5K monthly salary for teachers too high? — Netizens are divided


Photo: TikTok screengrab/g.y.mak

SINGAPORE: Mr Mak Geng Yuan is no longer a teacher, leaving the profession three years ago. The 33-year-old has since shifted careers and is now a property investor, and judging by the nine properties he owns, he is doing very well indeed.

The former Ministry of Education scholar and teacher appears to have retained some love for his last career, telling TikTok users that it’s a “very fulfilling” job—if you’re all right, that is, with a $5000 monthly salary.

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Ken Chun Sing in Barbie world: Chan Chun Sing posts pic of Ken doll that looks like him


Photo: FB screengrab/Chan Chun Sing

SINGAPORE: Ken Chun Sing, anyone? Or how about Ken Kee Chiu? No? The Education Minister may have joined the Barbie craze, which has taken the world by storm this summer, with the movie becoming a hit worldwide.

Suddenly, everyone appears to be getting in touch with their inner Barbie or Ken, including Mr Chan Chun Sing. On Friday (Aug 4), he posted photos on social media of a Ken doll that had been modified to look like him.

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