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Recently, a viral story regarding the conservative group, Moms of America endorsing former President, Donald Trump as President has gotten conversations starting. Furthermore, it appears on X that there are more and more people supporting Trump for President. However, other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, support for the Democrats appear to be stronger. 

According to their website, Moms for America has been around since 2004. They empower moms seeking liberty. Amid a cultural shift, MFA offers a voice against radical feminism, uniting women for truth, family, and freedom. This national movement revitalizes sisterhood, aiming to restore motherhood’s value and shape a patriotic, countercultural future.

Furthermore, they have a collective of around half a million mothers. In their endorsement this week, amidst the GOP primary race, the group underlined the necessity for leaders dedicated to safeguarding the nation, upholding the Constitution, championing family values, and advocating for truth, even in unpopular times.

Kimberly Fletcher, the group’s founder, emphasized the urgency of leaders unflinchingly standing up for what’s right and prioritizing America’s interests. She declared Trump as the unequivocal choice for Moms for America Action. 

The endorsement also referenced Trump’s commitments made on the Moms for America Podcast, outlining plans to address school indoctrination if re-elected in 2024. Trump had earlier pledged to curb federal funds to schools promoting certain content that they might deem inappropriate to children.

Liberals claiming Moms for America’s support towards Trump “worthless” 

A conservative on X posted the news regarding this. However, liberals appear to be upset at this information and stated their support is “worthless.” This is despite the alarming number of 500,000 mothers in this collective. 

Conservatives on X claim that Trump will win the next election. These statements are followed by liberals stating that he will win a jail cell next year. The accusations and cases against him are still fresh and have not yet concluded. Regardless, he is still not guilty of these charges as of the time this story is written. 

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