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The rise in artificial intelligence technology has led to interesting developments world wide. Apparently, in Spain, there is a new influencer generated by AI and some claim that these types of models are “less problematic” than real models. Furthermore, could we see luxury fashion houses using these said models as a part of their campaign? 

According to Breitbart, Aitana, a 25-year-old AI-generated model from Barcelona, is a lucrative creation for The Clueless agency. She, with her distinctive pink hair and impeccable features, earns $11,000 monthly, designed to avoid the complexities of real models.

Rubén Cruz, the agency’s founder, aimed to break free from ego clashes and monetary demands in the industry. Aitana’s rise on Instagram, now at 144,000 followers, denotes her success as a gamer, fitness enthusiast, and cosplay lover. However, concerns arise over Aitana and Maia, another AI model, perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards. 

Critics highlight the provocative imagery, but the agency defends mirroring existing influencer aesthetics demanded by brands. While AI models thrive, technology’s darker side emerges, targeting victims for financial scams. Celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Tom Hanks have faced unauthorized AI use, leading to legal action and warnings about manipulated content. AI’s impact extends beyond the modeling world, showcasing both its financial allure and ethical dilemmas.

An article on Linkedin states that these models are the future of marketing as it will be possible for brands to reach their target audience in new innovative ways. Following that, these models are able to test out less conventional markets without damaging the reputation of live human beings. 

Social media users react to Spanish AI influencer making $11,000/month 


X users fear that AI will take over all the jobs. Furthermore, users claim that even regular jobs that are done by humans will be taken over by AI. Many are surprised that influencers are possibly being replaced by these characters. 

Others see it as a cost effective method for marketers and brands. However, this all depends on consumers who are willing to accept this form of advertising. If the consumers do not accept it, then it would probably not advance further. 

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