Belly Pooches

Prior to the inclusivity movement, belly pooches were seen as something not entirely desired for both women and men. However, in 2023, there are several trends that show otherwise. We used to see individuals trying their hardest to lose their belly weight, but now the contrary is happening. 

Furthermore, the beauty landscape of 2023 sees Gen Z embracing surreal and non-traditional trends, defying the norms of conventional beauty. Trend analyst Christine Chua notes a departure from the prevailing ‘clean girl’ aesthetic, ushering in diverse and experimental expressions. 

This movement celebrates overlooked body parts, spotlighting unique features and challenging traditional standards.

The collaboration between Victoria’s Secret and body morphing artist Michaela Stark signifies a significant shift, championing bellies and flesh over conventional ideals. This evolving trend reflects a broader body positivity movement, reclaiming terms like ‘muffin tops’ as symbols of femininity. 

Gen Z’s fascination with body morphing and prosthetic makeup blurs reality and virtuality, indicating a desire for imaginative self-expression. Cosmetic brands are adapting, recognizing and accommodating this evolution, hinting at a future that embraces diverse beauty, defying societal norms.

Getting rid of the social stigma against belly pooches 

Articles written just this year are encouraging women in particular to get rid of their belly pooches. Some state that a belly over 35 inches is not recommended for women as there is excess surrounding the tummy. There are statements that say this is caused by an unhealthy diet. 

However, there are now pages on Reddit to celebrate this movement. Apparently there are those who want more leads in romance novels to have a belly pooch. It may seem to be a niche category now, but who knows, it might advance further in the coming years due to the global average weight increasing. 

In 2023 alone, there are more plus sized models rocking the fashion runway than ever before. As stated earlier, the Gen-Z acceptance towards non-conventional people may have had a strong play in this. Prior to this, luxury fashion brands would have most likely not accepted models who do not fit a certain category. 

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