SINGAPORE: Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam has once again captured the hearts of animal lovers after he introduced his new fur kid, Princess while promising her a better life. 

“We adopted Princess because she had just lost her eye, and she had just been moved into the shelter and totally lost…” Mr Shanmugam said. “Poor thing, really. And so we decided we’ll bring her here and we’ll call her Princess and give her a much better life,” Mr Shanmugam added.


[My One-eyed Princess]We wanted to adopt one or two rescue dogs. We ended up adopting three dogs, so now I have four. Princess has only one eye, but she is just full of energy these days!

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On Jan 13, Mr Shanmugam shared on TikTok that several months after Samson, his golden retriever, passed away, he thought of adopting ‘one or two dogs’ from the animal shelter.

However, he adopted three, and now he has four, including Princess, who was getting much less attention at the shelter and was more scared about everything than the other dogs.

At present, Mr Shanmugam is the proud fur parent of four rescued dogs, including Millie, a retired K-9 of the Singapore Police Force.

Netizens: ‘Thank you for adopting them’

Since then, the video has received more than 3.3k likes on TikTok, with many users complimenting the minister for his noble act of compassion and thanking him for giving Princess a new home.

One user said, “Thank you for adopting them and always choosing to adopt!” 

While another expressed his admiration for the minister writing, “,I love you for giving rescue dogs a 2nd chance at happiness ❤️Please do hug our One Eyed Princess for me. Oh well, the rest of’em too”

Another user also shared that, like the minister, she has adopted three dogs.

“Thank you for adopting this beautiful dog. We have adopted 3 SS in Singapore, they are great dogs.”

Minister Shanmugam’s animal welfare advocacy

In one of his TikTok videos, Mr Shanmugam stated that he opposed “purchasing dogs” and explained that all of his dogs are adopted rescues. 

He also shared a video on Facebook in 2021, announcing that he joined Dr Liang Xutian’s initiative against “forced training methods” and the use of electric collars, prong collars, and choke chains on pets.

In the video, he was wearing a T-shirt from the campaign and stated that dogs are “for us to love” and that “we should treat them with kindness.”

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